Our services

IT & Support
Web application and website development: we create custom web projects: websites and web applications. Robust, light, fast and optimized.
Web hosting: we host your websites and web applications on the most suitable and efficient structure.
Web domain: we manage your domains in .be, .fr, .net, .org, ect..
Professional email: we create professional email addresses for you (for example: [email protected])
SEO optimization: SEO expert, we will advise you on the best ways to position yourself ahead of your competitors on the search results. (on Google and Bing)

IT Support: we take care of all your IT problems.
Purchase and configuration of computer equipments: we provide you solid and correctly configured computer equipment, ready to be used directly by your departments.
Purchase and rental of office equipment: we sell or rent, printer, copier, fax, multifunction, scanner, shredder, cash register, automatic cash register, coin mechanism, ...

Digital Advertising
Advertiser solutions
SEA: we position your products at the top of your customers' search results on Google and Bing.
Social: we deploy and optimize your advertising campaigns on Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, ..
Programmatic: we buy ad placements on specific sites to reach contextual audiences.
Data: we have the possibility of exposing specific users (age, gender, geolocation, looking for a product similar to yours, ...) to your advertising message.

Publisher solutions
Revenue optimization: With our experience on the market, we offer you the most suitable solutions to boost your advertising revenue.